The Midorima Ballet Studio

The Midorima Ballet Studio offers the finest curriculum of professionally staffed ballet classes in Okinawa.

Classes range from beginning ballet(pre-ballet class), to intermediate ballet, to pre-professional to advanced ballet and adult beginner ballet Classes.


 Students receive the best ballet training by experienced faculty members in spacious dance studios.


Our Midorima ballet classes start at age two and go up through adult.

 Beginning ballet classes for children teach the basics of ballet and intermediate youth classes refine their skills and inspire a passion for the art form. 

 All dancers get the opportunity to perform on the big stage at our annual All School Concert.

沖縄県那覇市、宜野湾市のバレエ教室 『緑間バレエスタジオ』(沖縄関ヶ原石材グループ)

那 覇 校:沖縄県那覇市寄宮2-1-29

普天間校:沖縄県宜野湾市普天間1-10-14 2F



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